RAF Himalayan Venture 2018

Far Frontiers Expeditions are delighted to be delivering and supporting the RAF 100 Himalayan Venture this summer. Watch this video to find out a little more about this amazing challenge!

Squadron Leader Pete McCreedy (Expedition Leader) The aims of this venture are to first of all unite a team of Air force, Reserves, Air Cadets and University Air Squadron. We’re then going to develop that team through a series of training events to prepare them for going to Nepal in 2018. And then after that, we’re going to take on a pioneering expedition where we seek to put about 80 people through the Rolwaling and Khumbu regions of Nepal, with trekkers conducting arduous trekking activity at extreme high altitude, and mountaineers looking at an International and a British first ascent above 6000 metres.

Flight Lieutenant Chris Fawcett (Deputy Expedition Leader) Himalayan Venture 2018’s aims: Unite, Develop and Pioneer, work hand in hand with the RAF 100’s aims: to Celebrate, Commemorate and Inspire. By uniting the RAF family, we are celebrating and by developing our people we’re inspiring them. They’re in arduous conditions, operating at altitude. These are going to require physical stamina, they’re going to require relying on your team mates, they’re going to rely on looking out for one another and helping one another, and sharing each other’s strengths to overcome individual weaknesses.

The nature of the expedition looking at International first ascents, looking at British first ascents, new routes above 6000m and the scale of 4 trekking teams, navigating through the Rolwaling and the Khumbu, I think is a real pioneering edge to the expedition.

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RAF Himalayan Venture 2018

RAF Himalayan Venture 2018

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