Morocco Incident- December 2018

20th March 2019

The latest Morocco FCO advice can be seen here- 

12th February 2019

Chris has just returned from an inspection visit to Morocco. He visited our ground team who are based in in Imlil, did a couple of short treks and spent time briefing the whole team on all of this year's expeditions. He also sussed out some project for this summer, in a village who had written to us to ask if we could go to them after seeing the work we had done elsewhere!

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Morocco update 2nd January 2019

Far Frontiers Expeditions (FFE) Technical and Safety Team continue to monitor all and any developments after the tragic incident involving two independent travellers in the High Atlas Mountains in December 2018 via FCO advice and information from our long standing partners in country. 

The status of FCO travel advice has not changed since our previous update, with no restrictions regarding travel. The terrorism threat level and associated advice remains the same. 

Our Operations team continue to make all arrangements for all groups booked to travel to Morocco in 2019 and beyond and should the situation change, all booked clients will be informed immediately. FFE do not travel against FCO advice and do not travel to any areas contrary to FCO travel restrictions.

Morocco Incident- December 2018.

We are closely monitoring the situation in Morocco involving two female tourists. As of yet the full details remain unclear as the investigation is ongoing.

Safety is of paramount importance to Far Frontiers on all of our expeditions. We follow the travel advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and if the FCO were to advise not to travel to Morocco, or to that region, we will make alternative arrangements which we will discuss with those teams that are booked to travel. At present the advice is to exercise caution, especially when travelling alone. We have been taking school groups to Morocco since 1996, and have been using our same ground partner, based in Imlil for more than 10 years, taking hundreds of students each year, trouble free.

All of our activities in Morocco are pre-organised, led by a UK Far Frontiers Expeditions Leader and supported by trusted local guides. We use private and pre-booked transport throughout the expedition. There is a big difference between travelling alone and travelling in an organised group. We have a comprehensive Risk Assessment in place for every expedition.

We continue to make arrangements for all groups booked to go to Morocco in 2019 and beyond, and should the situation change, or the location need reviewing you will be informed immediately.


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Morocco Incident- December 2018

Morocco Incident- December 2018

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