Donate your used ink cartridges and support Gurkha communities


Recycle your used ink cartridges and support The Gurkha Welfare Trust!

Here at Far Frontiers, the Gurkha community hold a special place in our hearts thanks to our long-standing relationships in Nepal and close military ties.  We try to do our bit to support these communities through our expeditions and projects, but also through other small, simple acts, such as donating our used ink cartridges.  We use plenty of ink in our office, so what better way to dispose of used cartridges than to donate them to a worthy cause?

The Gurkha Welfare Trust aims to relieve poverty and distress amongst Gurkha veterans and their dependents, by providing financial, medical and community support to help alleviate hardship and distress amongst Gurkha ex-serviceman.  These veterans once fought bravely not just for Nepal, but for the British crown too, and we want to do anything we can to help support them in later life.

The recycling scheme is completely free-of-charge and 100% of the value of all ink cartridges successfully recycled will be donated to The Gurkha Welfare Trust.  Join us in supporting Gurkha communities, as well as recycling to help sustain our beautiful planet for generations to come.  Simply pop your old/ used ink cartridges in an envelope and post them to The Recyling Factory using the freepost label below.*

*Weight limit for freepost label is 1kg. Further information, including a list of eligible cartridges, can be found at                                                         

 Click the barcode to download your label!


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Amalie Smith

Amalie Smith - Expedition Advisor

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