Fran's European Championship 2017 Race Report


Monday, 10 July 2017

European Championship 2017 Race report

Build up days

· It is always difficult when you race abroad to find the right nutrition and what you can digest easily the few days before a race.

· Unfortunately, I was unable to find the foods which I usually eat before a race which alter my preparation. However, in these situations you just have to make do and hope everything is okay.


· The swim is always my slow section in comparison to my fellow racers

· I was into my final 50m and I was punched hard in the face which jolted/and took me by surprise which triggered severe cramp in my left calf. To be honest I thought my race was over while I was ‘bobbing’ around the lake trying to compose myself…….I limped into T1


· The cramp was so painful but T1 enabled me to ‘get a grip’ of myself….I told myself the show must go on.

· Running to my bike was difficult but thought cycling might ease my leg


· The first half of the bike was slower than normal, I couldn’t push with my left leg to generate the speed I needed to stay in the race…..I also faced a strong headwind.

· Halfway through the bike leg, the cramp eased and I started to pick up speed and I grew into the race for the first time.

· The final part of the bike was quick and it improved my overall pace within the race


· I entered T2 feeling good


· I started quite quick on the run and I was closing down the front athletes in my age group

· On lap 2 I started to get severe GI stress issues which slowed me down resulting in a bathroom visit – I lost a great deal of time and places here. My foot also started bleeding which was starting to show through my trainer.

· I settled my GI Issues but as a result I was unable to take on much fluid which resulted in dehydration.

· I saw that I could still make the finish line in sub 05hrs 30 – so I pushed.

· The finish line was incredibly, the crowds, the adrenaline rush (all the pain went away), I knew I had just put in PB despite all the events which happened throughout the race and it felt wonderful.

· I crossed the line and my legs gave out while the lady was putting my medal over my head – she held me up while a medic came and dragged me away.

· I spent and hour in the medical tent getting patched up and hydrated


· My first European Championship

· 18/36 Age group

· 8th British in age group

·  Despite all my set backs which was approx. an extra 15-20 mins, I felt very proud of my result because I held my own and I definitely can improve……

My 3 key lessons from this race

·  Nutrition – something is wrong with the way I am preparing myself and fuelling myself during the race

·  Never give up on a race if you have a bad start – it can all change

·  Control my pace during the first lap of my run – build into the half marathon

What is next

·   Cotswold 113 – to qualify for the European Championships in 2018
Chris Short

Chris Short - Managing Director

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